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Orgacure (BLUE) 600ML Spray Starter Set EU 009
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ORGACURE® (BLUE): Water additive for cleaning of organic and sensitive surfaces. ORGACURE® is mild to hands (pH5) and suitable for daily hygiene. Applied with regular water only ORGACURE® is effective and economic in use and reduces package and transport. For professional and domestic use.

  • Eco-friendly and mild: pH5
  • Mild to hands and sensitive surfaces
  • Made of organic acids and organic and inorganic salts only
  • Non-Alcohol/Peroxide/Chlorine
  • Reusable System: Reduces Package and Transport
  • Tab water only needed
  • Ready in seconds, mixes during refill
  • Economical: From $2/Liter
  • Professional quality for longer lifetime

Available sizes:

600ml (20fl oz) empty spray bottle starter set including 1 (refill-) cartridge (9g [0.3oz]) for 600ml (20fl oz) cleaner.

Use cleaners safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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