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Orgacure was founded in 2012 by Roger Bierwas and co-founders Jan Paul Schirmer and Julian Willem Vrolijk. Prior Orgacure, Roger worked in Shell and Accenture after he started off as aircraft trainee and graduated from the naval academy. Paul and Julian retired from Orgacure in 2015 and remain shareholders.

Roger developed the Orgacure technology and brand with the striking food waste badge carrying the companies ‘no waste’ motto to spark the dialogue. Roger’s vision is to turn the world’s food waste worth US$ 1 trillion, into business and good environment: 163 billion cubic meters of water are used yearly for food waste alone – that’s the size of Lake Tahoe in USA or three times of Lake Bodensee in Europe. Food waste is one of the earth’s largest carbon dioxide sources and a cutback in greenhouse gases and the preservation of water resources improves our habitat.

Being focussed on perishable foods, Orgacure developed food waste solutions that keeping produce safe and longer fresh: Orgacure® Travelaid for produce farms and Orgacure® Freshcut for food processors. The latest addition is Orgacure® PicnicSpray, a pocket size consumer product for personal food safety.



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